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We are proud of the knowledge, passion, and work ethic of our multidiscipinlary team who have extensive experience in the bioeconomy and in industrially-relevant process development and optimisation.

Biomass is complex. One approach won't work. While getting accurate data is a principal tenet at Celignis, we understand that this is only one piece of the jigsaw. However, with the right mix of composition, technology, and product the valorisation of biomass can be profitable as well as sustainable. We're scientists with business brains and we understand what works.

We are home to a growing, talented, and highly motivated team whose expertise spans many important areas of the bioeconomy. We can guide you through our analytical data and suggests the next steps forward. Our team has also played key roles in the formulation, optimisation, and commercial evaluation of biomass valorisation processes in industry and academia and, together, we have the multidisciplinary expertise to evaluate all stages of your bioprocess and suggest real improvements.

We have a diverse, rapidly-expanding, global array of clients that recognise the expertise that we have with regards to biomass composition and its relevance in designing and optimising biomass conversion processes. For example, we are currently working on developing customised bioprocessing solutions for a number of clients acrosss the globe in various sectors including forestry, advanced biofuels, and anaerobic digestion.

we have a dedicated team of highly trained analysts and bioprocess experts

Our Team

Dan Hayes

CEO and Founder

PhD (Analytical Chemistry)

Dreamer and achiever. Took Celignis from a concept in a research project to being the bioeconomy's premier provider of analytical and bioprocessing expertise.

Lalitha Gottumukkala

Chief Innovation Officer


Lalitha is currently working on the Horizon 2020 project ENABLING, finding best practices for stakeholders in the bioeconomy and profiling the quantities and composition of different feedstocks across Europe.

Chris Comerford

Lab Manager


A catalyst for growth. In charge of the major expansion of our analytical and lab capabilities. A keen eye for detail and getting the highest quality data, always.

Deepak Kumar

Head Chemometrician


Feeds on data. Has developed algorithms to greatly improve the accuracy of our rapid analysis models and is responsible for the deployment of these globally.

Vasudeo Zambare

Project Manager


Multi-skilled researcher with biorefinery-industry experience in 3 continents. Has developed bioprocesses for the leather, textile, paper, and pulp industries.

Italo Pisano

NIR Deveoper


Undertaking the next stage of development of Celignis's rapid analysis models through their expansion to new feedstocks, analytes, markets, and laboratories.

Chanakan Moosiri

Lab Analyst


Full of energy, drive, and ambition. Focused on accelerating the growth of Celignis through the provision of the highest quality data to our clients.

Kwame Donkor

Research in Anaerobic Digestion

BSc, MSc

Undertaking a PhD at Celignis focused on advancing the art of anaerobic digestion technologies relevant to Irish farming communities.

Capabilities and Track Record of Our Team

Fungal and Bacterial Enzymes

Our personnel can investigate strategies for reducing enzyme loadings whilst maintaining, or even enhancing, product yields. We can also, based on our array of existing packages for the enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass and pre-treated biomass, determine how efficient a pre-treatment technology is in producing a substrate suitable for hydrolysis with enzymes and suggest tweaks in the pre-treatment process that may lead to enhanced yields and reduced costs per unit output.

Process Optimisations

We have a very strong understanding of the chemistry of biomass and how to evaluate the conversion and valorisation of the main constituents. We target mass-closure in our analysis so that the conversion mechanisms can be understood. Such knoweldge will be key in developing relevant and effective tools for modelling and optimising biomass transformations. We can also investigate each process node for less energy/chemical intensive alternatives without compromising yield. Our team are happy to discuss examples of our track-record.

Microbial Fermentations

Know-how in the area of microbiology, bioprocess engineering and design of experiments (DOE) can significantly reduce the number of experimental runs and time involved in the preliminary screening and optimisation process. We have the expertise to optimise fermentation processes for high yield and productivity in short-time. Our personnel have proven scientific records in producing enzymes, biofuels, biosurfactants, exopolysaccharides and prebiotics through aerobic and anaerobic fermentation.

Feedstock Profiling

Biomass composition is complex and highly variable. There is increasing recognition that commercial technologies require high-margin as well as high-volume products. We have developed detailed analysis methods for quantifying high-value constituents in biomass extractives and are working on cost-effective methods for their concentration and separation. We have undertaken numerous studies concerning seasonal and regional variations in feedstock composition; evaluated the financial/risk implications; and looked at how process changes could address these.