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Arginine (2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic acid) is a basic, polar amino acid. Among the stereoisomers, the L form of arginine is the only physiologically active one.

L-arginine has been one of the amino acids with huge commercial prospects. The presence of L-arginine is critical for instigating the antioxidant response and suppressing acute inflammation. Hence, administration of L-arginine can be used to impart many therapeutic benefits, including improving heart health and reduce the neural inflammation associated with ischemic stroke. Many hair-care formulations containing L-arginine has been available in the market. L- arginine has been clinically proven to invigorate hair growth by stimulating the production of nitric oxide that regulate hair follicle activity. Commercial production of L-arginine makes use of high arginine producing mutants of Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Spirulina platensis contains a high concentration of arginine. One of the predominant amino acids in the conchocelis of a red alga, Porphyra dioica is arginine.

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Analysis Packages for Arginine

The Celignis Analysis Package(s) that determine this constituent are listed below:

Equipment Used for Arginine Analysis

Ion Chromatography

A Dionex ICS-3000 system that is equipmed with electrochemical, conductivity, and ultraviolet-visible detectors.

Additional Material

We can determine the Arginine content of biomass, click here to learn more about our various biomass analysis methods.

We can determine the Arginine content of seaweed, click here to learn more about our various methods for analysing seaweed.