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    P11 : NIR Prediction Package

We have developed unique proprietary models that allow the lignocellulosic composition of biomass samples to be predicted from their near infrared (NIR) spectra. This package provides the following advantages over the standard wet-chemical methods for analysis:

  • Rapid Analysis:

      We typically provide data within one day of receipt of the samples.

  • Lower Cost:

      The NIR method involves less laboratory work than the wet-chemical analytical methods which allows us to provide the service at a lower cost.

  • Effective Sample Screening:

      As a result of the increased speed and reduced cost of analysis the NIR method allows a far greater number of samples to be analysed than would otherwise be possible with standard methods. This means that you can screen more samples in order to find those that are most appropriate for your desired end-use.

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    Constituents Determined

    These constituents are predicted using near-infrared models developed at Celignis. Statistics concerning the quality of these models can be viewed for each constituent by clicking on the links above. In our analysis reports for this Package we provide the predicted value along with the estimated deviation in prediction for each analyte. For every constituent determined via wet-chemical analysis each sample is analysed in duplicate and we provide the compositional data for each replicate along with the average value and the standard deviation between the duplicates. Our analytical protocols typically provide results with a high level of precision, as detailed here.

    Examples of the data reports generated can be viewed on the Celignis Database. Please log on to the guest account using email "test@celignis.com" and password "celignis".

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    Analytical Procedure for NIR Prediction Package

    ☑ Step 1: Scanning the Sample with the NIR Device

    ☑ Step 2: Application of NIR Models to the Spectrum

    Equipment Used for NIR Prediction Package Analysis

    NIR Spectrophotometer

    A FOSS XDS NIR device. It has a solid content module that can allow for samples of a heterogenous particle to be analysed.