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    Xylose in Enzyme Hydrolysate

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Analysis Packages for Xylose in Enzyme Hydrolysate

The Celignis Analysis Package(s) that determine this constituent are listed below:

Equipment Used for Xylose in Enzyme Hydrolysate Analysis

Ion Chromatography

A Dionex ICS-3000 system that is equipmed with electrochemical, conductivity, and ultraviolet-visible detectors.

Incubated Shaker

This is used in analysis packages involving enzymes, for example in the enzymatic hydrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass.

Publications on Xylose in Enzyme Hydrolysate By The Celignis Team

Vasudeo Zambare, Archana Zambare, Lew Christopher (2011) Enzymatic hydrolysis of hemicellulose from corn stover and prairie cordgrass, Advances in Biotech Research, Microbiologist Society and Education Book Publisher & Distributor

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