• Mehdi Khrichfa
    IT And Data Manager


A curious and passioned computer engineer with a versatile skillset. His skills, gained throughout his studies and work experience, range from networking to web application development, passing through hardware troubleshooting and system administration.

Thanks to his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, he is always looking for new IT topics to explore and build demos and projects on. At Celignis he takes care of the IT infrastructure, both physical and software, with tasks spanning from hardware management and deployment to web development, website maintenance and ordinary system administration. He is currently developing and deploying tools to highly automate mundane tasks, in order to greatly increase laboratory productivity and virtually nullify the likeness of human error in the gathering of data.

Expertise and Track-Record

Full-Stack Web

Mehdi is responsible of the development of every layer of web applications used at Celignis for purposes like data collection and content editing.


Mehdi manages the databases and the backups of all the PCs in the Celignis network, ensuring data reliability and extremely quick fault recovery in case of IT hardware malfunction. He takes particular care in ensuring that the quality of the data remains unaffected as it goes through various processing stages, thanks to a mindset developed while working as an IT consultant for insurance companies.

System Administration and Networking

Mehdi takes care of the maintenance of the Celignis website and our internal server. He is responsible for the management and the deployment of PCs and the connection of any system to the Celignis internal network.


Mehdi has developed multiple tools for the automation of recurring and repetitive tasks, which guarantees highly reliable results and reduces human error due to monotony fatigue.


BSc: In Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy (2020).