• With Accurate Data The Opportunities Are Limitless!!!

    At Celignis Biomass Analysis Laboratory we offer a range of analyses to provide vital compositional data to help you determine whether your biomass samples are suitable for the production of biofuels, chemicals, or energy.

  • We use advanced equipment to ensure, Quality data are obtained.

    Equipment Used for Analysis includes FOSS XDS NIR, Dionex ICS-3000, HP 8452A, Vario MACRO, Bomb Calorimeter, Carbolite Volatile Matter Furnace, Gas Chromatograph with Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS), Biogas 5000 Portable Biogas Analyser...

With Accurate Data the Opportunities are Limitless...

We are a dedicated biomass laboratory whose team of experts provide you with the most precise data, allowing you to make the best use of your biomass feedstocks and optimise your biomass conversion processes.

Our clients range from start-ups to multinationals and world-leading universities, spanning over 30 countries.

Our Ethos

"We see huge potential for biomass to sustainably meet global energy and material needs. Through innovation, passion, and determination, we at Celignis strive to make a difference in the development of the bioeconomy."

Daniel Hayes, CEO

Our expertise extends far beyond analysis. We have in-depth understanding of the implications of composition and can design processes to fully valorise biomass.

Our Areas of Expertise

During his PhD Celignis founder Dan Hayes found that accurate understanding on the composition of feedstocks and process outputs was crucial to optimising processes to valorise biomass. He decided to launch Celignis to provide this compositional and process expertise to the sector.
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Compostional Analysis
Process Liquids
Rapid NIR Analysis
RINS Credits
Functional Molecules
Anerobic Digestion
Bioprocess Development
Compostion Analysis
Enzymatic Hydrolysis

Innovation is at the core of everything we do.
In the bioeconomy if you stand still you end up being left behind.
Celignis was born from pioneering research and our burning desire to innovate will never fade.

Our Projects

The UNRAVEL project (UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics) is focused on the optimsiation of a biomass pre-treatment technology. Celignis plays a key role by analysing and evaluating the extractives present in a wide variety of feedstocks and determining how they influence pre-treatment.

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Celignis is the sole partner in SAPHIRE. The project, funded by the European Union's INNOSUP programme, concerns the production of high-value hydrogels from lignocellulosic residues. These are expected to have applications in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

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The BIOrescue project is focused on developing technologies to convert spent mushroom compost, a problematic waste of the mushroom industry, to high value products. Within the project Celignis is undertaking a compositional profiling study of the feedstocks and developing rapid analysis models for these and process outputs.

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VAMOS concerns the construction and operation of a demonstration-scale biorefinery producing lactic acid from the paper fraction of municipal waste. In the project Celignis will develop custom NIR models for the rapid at-line on-site analysis of the feedstock and process outputs.

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DIBANET was an FP7 research project, written and coordinated by Celignis founder Dan Hayes, that concerned the production of second generation biofuels from biomass feedstocks in Europe and Latin America. The advances in the state of the art of biomass analysis made in DIBANET led to the formation of Celignis.

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Celignis is the sole partner in STEAME, a project funded by the Irish Research Council and focused on the development of technologies to make anaerobic digestion more financially viable in Ireland.

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The focus of ENABLING is on supporting the spreading of best practices and innovation in the provision of biomass for the Bio-Based Industry (BBI). Celignis will play a key role in the project with regards to stressing the importance of biomass composition in terms of evaluating feedstock and technology suitability.

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We are proud of the knowledge, passion, and work ethic of our team. They have played key roles in the formulation, optimisation, and commercial evaluation of biomass valorisation processes in industry and academia.

Meet the Team

Dan Hayes

CEO and Founder

PhD (Analytical Chemistry)

Dreamer and achiever. Took Celignis from a concept in a research project to being the bioeconomy's premier provider of analytical and bioprocessing expertise.

Lalitha Gottumukkala

Chief Innovation Officer


Lalitha is currently working on the Horizon 2020 project ENABLING, finding best practices for stakeholders in the bioeconomy and profiling the quantities and composition of different feedstocks across Europe.

Chris Comerford

Lab Manager


A catalyst for growth. In charge of the major expansion of our analytical and lab capabilities. A keen eye for detail and getting the highest quality data, always.

Deepak Kumar

Head Chemometrician


Feeds on data. Has developed algorithms to greatly improve the accuracy of our rapid analysis models and is responsible for the deployment of these globally.

Vasudeo Zambare

Project Manager


Multi-skilled researcher with biorefinery-industry experience in 3 continents. Has developed bioprocesses for the leather, textile, paper, and pulp industries.

The Celignis Difference

Heart for the Bioeconomy, Mind for Business

Biomass is complex. One approach won't work. But with the right mix of composition, technology, and product it can be profitable and sustainable. We're scientists with business brains. Let us help you find the right path.

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Data at Your Fingertips

We know how important your samples are and your need to access data quickly and easily. That's is why we created the Celignis Database where you can view results as the order is ongoing.

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We Never Settle for "Good Enough"

Celignis was formed based on research that revolutionised the rapid analysis of advanced biofuel feedstocks. We constantly ask ourselves how things can be done better and what our next revolution will be.

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