• Deepak Kumar
    Head Chemometrician


Feeds on data. Deepak is a programmer with extensive expertise in software (full stack) development and process automation. He received a masters in Computer Application from Ranchi University in 2013.

At Celignis he is responsible for the development of near infrared (NIR) models for the rapid analysis of biomass and for the programming of advanced algorithms (using the R software program and local regression techniques) to improve predictive accuracies.

He takes a leading role in our VAMOS BBI project where he is responsible for the development of customised NIR models for the lignocellulosic composition of the project's feedstock and process outputs and for the deployment of these models for at-line rapid analysis in the demonstration-scale biorefinery. This will be an important demonstration of the power of Celignis's models and algorithms for influencing and optimising process control and is expected to lead to the deployment of many more such systems at biorefineries around the globe.

Expertise and Track-Record

NIR and Chemometrics

Deepak has developed tens of thousands of customised NIR models for a wide variety of biomass feedstocks and compositional parameters. He constantly strives to further increase the accuracy and breadth of these models. For example, he has recently developed advanced algorithms for on-the-fly models to be generated according to the particular sample being analysed, revolutionising the way models are built and applied at Celignis. And this is just the beginning....

Process Control

In the VAMOS BBI project Deepak will be responsible for the linking of compositional data, obtained through the rapid at-line NIR analysis of inputs and outputs of the biorefinery, with process control software. The APIs that will be developed will allow facility operators to have rapid access to process data, allowing them to adjust conditions responsively, allowing for yields to be optimised.

Deepak is currently also developing time-series control plots for the key process indicators (e.g. FOS/TAC, VFAs etc.) of biogas plants, based on the analytical data obtained at Celignis. These tools on the Celignis Database will enable plant operators to have rapid access to key data and see any trends that may be occuring over time and respond accordingly before digestor performance is badly affected.

Data Visualisation Tools

Deepak is playing a key role in the ENABLING CSA project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme. The focus of the project is on supporting the spreading of best practices and innovation in the provision (production, pre-processing) of biomass for the Bio-Based Industry (BBI).

Celignis's activities focus on the importance of biomass composition in terms of evaluating feedstock and technology suitability. For the project Deepak has developed a customised data entry system that project partners can use to enter details on the compositions of their regional feedstocks (validated by Celignis personnel) and also upload relevant information regarding their local biomass valorisation technologies.

Deepak will then combine these data through visualisation tools, hosted on the ENABLING website, that will help stakeholders to link feedstock and technology according to their regional conditions.

Quality Management

At Celignis we are currently developing our own customised LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software. This will be integrated with our biomass analysis methods and our quality management protocols. Deepak is leading the development of this software and its integration with our NIR models in order to provide lab analysts and managers with clear metrics on the precision and accuracy of their data. This software will be a key factor in our progression to an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

LIMS scans


MCA: Masters Of Computer Application, Ranchi University 2013, 1st Class and Distinction Awarded by University.

B.Sc: Bachelor Of Science (Computer Application), Gossner College,Ranchi University 2013, 1st Class, 84% and A+ Grade.

CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional.

CEH: Eccouncil (Certification of System Reengineering and Data Security).

Languages: R, PHP, C#, Java, C, C++, Node JS.

Client Side Scripts: Angular JS,JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

RDBMS: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL.

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